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Ear Force PX51
Premium Wireless Dolby Digital Gaming Headset
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To compete with the best players, you need the best equipment. PX51 gives you the Turtle Beach audio advantage with interference-free, Dual-Band Wi-Fi Wireless and powerful, Dual-Stage Audio Processing for crystal clear Dolby® Digital Surround Sound. During or after a game session you can stream your favorite music, enjoy Blu-ray™ movies on PS3 and even use it with your phone, tablet or portable game system. With up to 15 hours of play from the built-in rechargeable battery, you’ll play longer and rise to the top of the leaderboards even faster. With over 35 years of audio experience the PX51 is the most advanced gaming audio system Turtle Beach has ever created.


Engineered For Gaming™

Dual-Band Wi-Fi Wireless
Interference-free wireless means clearer chat and game audio.  
Dual-Stage Audio Processing
For more powerful and customizable presets and accurate Dolby Surround Sound.
Rechargeable Battery
Built-in rechargeable delivers up to 15 hours of continuous play.  You can even charge while playing.
Music & Gaming Together
Take advantage of Bluetooth and stream your favorite tunes while you play or take phone calls and never have to leave the game.  
Dynamic Chat Boost
Chat volume automatically increases as the game volume gets louder.
100% Wireless Game, Console & Chat Audio for PS3
Enjoy completely wireless freedom for games plus Blu-ray and streaming video and music.


 Read The Step-by-Step Guide to PS4 Compatibility

1.  Download and install the newest version of the Advanced Sound Editor found here.

Note: This software is currently only Windows Compatible. If you are a Mac User please check back for an alternate solution later in the day.

2.   Select the Advanced Sound Editor Shortcut found on your desktop

3.   Connect your PX51 headset via the USB Programming Cable that comes with the headset.

4.  The Advanced Sound Editor will automatically notify you that a new version of the firmware is available, select “Ok” both times you are prompted.(Be patient, the update can take a couple minutes, do not disconnect your headset during this process)

Note: If you are not automatically notified, manually go to the “Configuration” tab and select “Restore All”. 

5.  Once updated, you’ll see a dialog box that says “Restore Completed! Default Factory Settings Restored!”

6.  Turn your headset off and back on.

7.   Your headset now has a “PS4 Mode”. To switch to this mode hold down the Mode Button until the headset announces “PlayStation 4”. Holding down the Mode Button again will switch back to Xbox360/PS3 Mode.

8.    Follow the set-up diagram here.

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