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Dolby Surround Sound Processor for Stereo Headsets
Overview +

The DSS2 will transform your stereo headset or headphones into Dolby® surround sound, immersing you in your favorite video games, movies and music with a stunning 3D audio environment. Dolby Digital technology allows you to pinpoint the direction of every sound, enhancing enemy footsteps and amplifying bone-rattling explosions with amazing 360-degree audio. Adjustable surround sound angles and multiple EQ presets let you enhance subtle sound cues and customize the audio for any gaming situation. The DSS2 also includes an auxiliary input so you can listen to your favorite music while gaming in Dolby® surround sound. Gain a competitive edge with the DSS2 and experience audio like never before!

Engineered for Any Analog Stereo Headset

Dolby Digital® Surround Sound

Immersive 360 degree audio lets you pinpoint the direction of every sound.

Equalizer (EQ) Presets

Multiple EQ presets including bass, treble and midrange boost combinations

Adjustable Surround Sound Angles

Alter the positioning of the surround
sound angles to customize your audio experience.

Digital Optical Connection

Delivers the highest quality of digital surround sound.

Auxiliary and Analog Inputs

Connect a digital music player or other secondary audio source.

USB Powered

No batteries required.


Specifications +


Frequency Response: 20Hz - 20kHz

Game Audio Input: digital optical (required for Dolby surround sound)

Auxiliary Input: 3.5mm ( bypasses by DSP processing for listening to external music source)

Analog Input: 3.5mm (processed by DSP for virtual surround sound with stereo source)

Power: USB (5V @ 380mA max)

USB Pass-through: provides power and data for external devices

Headphone Output: 3.5mm (90mW@16 ohms)

Speaker angles: select between 6 different surround sound speaker angles

Equalizer: select between flat, bass boost, aggressive bass boost, treble boost, aggressive treble, boost, bass & treble boost, midrange boost and aggressive midrange boost

Bypass: Disables surround sound processing to produce stereo sound

Dimensions: 2" X 3.25" ( 5.08 cm X 8.26 cm )

Weight: 9 oz. ( 25.5 g )

System Requirements

Xbox 360 console with optical audio output or AV cable to support optical output: 

      HDMI audio adapter cable          

      Advanced SCART AV cable      

      Composite AV cable with optical output

Playstation 3 console

PC/Mac: on-board or external sound card with optical output and Dolby Digital Live installed

Available USB port


DSS2 allows you to alter the virtual positioning of the Front and Surround speaker angles for the best surround sound experience

Older Xbox 360 models require an Xbox 360 HDMI Audio Adapter Cable for optical audio output

If your HDTV has an optical AUDIO OUT jack, you can use it to connect the optical cable to the DSS2 and feed sound from the gaming console to the DSS2

If your PC or Mac does not include a digital optical output, then you will need to purchase an "Optical S/PDIF Adapter"  

This adapter is inserted into the 3.5mm headphone audio output jack on your PC or Mac to provide a digital optical output

Package Contents

DSS2 Surround Sound Processor

Digital Optical Cable

USB Cable

3.5 mm Cable

User Guide

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