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Ear Force Sierra
Call of Duty: Black Ops II Sierra
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The Turtle Beach Call of Duty®: Black OPS II Ear Force Sierra Limited Edition Headset is fully equipped for battle with programmable audio presets, Dolby® Digital 5.1 Surround Sound, interchangeable speaker plates, and a state-of-the-art control unit. Featuring official Call of Duty®: Black Ops II optimized audio presets and exclusive color scheme and speaker plates, the Ear Force Sierra is the weapon of choice to bury the opposition.
The new fully-programmable Digital Signal Processor (DSP) allows you to enhance and tweak the entire audio experience with up to 9 configurable presets for game and chat/mic audio paths. Custom Call of Duty®: Black Ops II audio presets designed by game developer Treyarch, allow gamers to hone in on footsteps, amplify heart-pounding explosions and hear every shell casing hit the floor in glorious 360 degree surround sound – all while calling the shots and coordinating with your squad mates with crystal-clear communication.
If you’re serious about gaming, then get serious about the sound. Step up to the Call of Duty®: Black Ops II Ear Force Sierra and experience game audio like never before. 

Engineered For Gaming™

Black Ops II Optimized Exclusive Presets
Get exclusive custom audio presets designed by the Treyarch developers of Black Ops II, to optimize the game experience.  Or configure personalized presets of your own to optimize game, chat and mic audio for different gaming situations.  
Dolby® Digital 5.1 Surround Sound
Immersive 360 degree audio lets you pinpoint the direction of every sound and get the drop on your enemies.
Programmable Control Unit
Provides unparalleled audio customization with on-the-fly preset switching, independent game and chat volumes, a programmable control knob and more.  
Separate Chat and Game Presets
Configure up to 9 different presets for game and chat/mic audio paths for complete control of your audio environment.
Memory Foam Ear Cushions
Premium materials for enhanced comfort and styling and improved noise isolation.  
Voice Morphing
Disguise your voice by changing the sound from deep lows to screeching highs.
Adjustable Surround Sound Angles
Alter the positioning of the surround sound angles to customize your audio experience.
Sonic Lens™ with Sound Field Expander
Widen or narrow the sound field to focus on sound cues that are difficult to hear like enemy footsteps.
Ear Guard™ with Blast Limiter
Limit the intensity of deafening sounds like explosions and gunfire.  
Dynamic Chat Boost™
Chat volume automatically increases as the game volume gets louder.
Variable Microphone Monitor
Adjust the level of your voice heard in the headset, so you won’t have to shout.
Sonic Silencers™
Eliminate background noise on your mic and online chat.
Auxiliary Input
Connect a mobile phone or digital audio player while gaming.
True 5.1 channel USB surround sound with PC or Mac
Experience 5.1 channel game audio on PC or Mac with USB interface.
Separate Game and Chat USB Channels on PC or Mac
Separate audio channels on PC/Mac let you individually control chat and game sound levels.
XBOX 360®, PS3TM, PC/Mac®, and Mobile Compatible
Experience 5.1 channel game audio on PC or Mac with USB interface.

Please note that features are subject to change without notice.

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